Could you use a breakthrough to get unstuck and really grow your wedding business?

What if we could tackle your questions and plans, push past your blocks, and outline your next steps in just 30 days? Where would your business and confidence be then?

This is by far our most popular package! We know that sometimes there's that one area where some hard questions, clear advice, and heartfelt support from someone with the expertise to help can literally change your business. And we want to make that a possibility for you.

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Think about your desires for your business and life and compare it with your reality. There's something you need to push past to get those two things in line with each other. 

Because, as much as it stinks to hear, the truth is that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting.

If that's where you are and you want to tackle it and launch forward to the next part of your business development, sign up for your application call now. We'll see if it's a good fit and plan what your Breakthrough will look like.


What the 30 Day Breakthrough includes:

  • A Thorough Intake and Audit - We'll do an intake call to assess your needs and plan a focus for our time together. Then you'll complete some pre-work to get the ball rolling and I'll do a thorough audit of what you have going on at the moment (website, marketing, social media, whatever you would like). I'll put together a custom combo of materials and resources for your big session and we'll get ready to dive in.

  • A 90 Minute Power Session - I'll ask some key questions to uncover the gaps and roadblocks, you'll get the info and insight you're looking for, and we'll dig deep to move past what's been holding you back from that big leap in growth toward your business goals (and more profit). You'll wrap up with notes, completed worksheets, action items, and plenty of clarity, inspiration, and a fire to keep things rolling.

  • UNLIMITED Support - If you're going to burn rubber and make meaningful massive shifts, you need that high touch guidance and accountability. Since we're usually tackling things that take a lot of strategy and action, like marketing, messaging, website design, or rebranding, I know that the bumps in the road can be fatal when you're pushing yourself and your business to grow and change. The last thing I want to see is you slow down because of uncertainty or frustration. So I make sure we're here to help, support, and keep you motivated to get this done.

  • A 30 minute follow up coaching session - Take stock of your progress, get any additional needed clarity and support, and lay out what comes next to keep the big time momentum you just poured 30 days into creating.

  • Opportunity to Upgrade - I promise that you'll have a solid plan that you can go implement right away and tons of support as you do it! But...sometimes there are things you want to build even bigger or just simply hand off so you can focus on your zone of genius. If that's true, you'll have the ability to apply for one of our long term support packages (and you'll get a big credit toward your payment).


This is perfect for:

- Marketing and Social Media Strategy

- Website Audits and Refreshes

- Getting Clear on Your Branding and Message


How much is it? It's $797 for everything...the coaching calls, the intake, the resources, the unlimited access to me, and the bonuses.

The 30 days of intense, business building, mindset shifting, life changing support, coaching, clarity, and progress are ready and waiting. Click through to get your intake started and put your big goals on the calendar (and on notice).


Basically, the 30 day Breakthrough is all about giving you a ton of business changing resources, strategy, and support that I know has been the difference maker for my clients. Most of the business owners I talk to (just like you) have big time goals and even bigger potential...they just need to get a few key roadblocks taken care of so they can make it happen.

If you're ready for that shift too, click through and we'll dive in! 


What Elaine says about her sessions:

My time with Christen brought my business into clear focus. We strategized my week workload, year end goal...and she was able to bring me up to speed regarding all Bridal Market nuances so I could feel confident.”
— Elaine with Ellie Day Collection

Not sure? I'm really proud of the info and tools I've gathered in the years of work I've done in the industry and coaching business owners and I know this program can help anyone move past what's holding them back from the kind of business they truly dream of...Shoot me an email at with your questions and we'll talk it through!