Alyson Nicole


Established in 2009, Alyson Nicole started out as a small line of bridal veils and avant-garde head pieces. Shortly after attending a bridal fair in Pennsylvania, Alyson started working closely with clients and bridal boutiques creating custom veils and bridesmaids hair accessories. Along with brides and private customers, she also worked closely with colleges to create one-of-a-kind millinery pieces to complement students’ designs during their annual fashion show.

Three years later, after getting situated in Brooklyn, NY, Alyson decided to relaunch her brand to include an array of accessories that catered to a more non-traditional bold bride, along with bespoke services for accessories and wedding gowns. Alyson takes pride in hand crafting each product in her home studio. She loves to create components and products from scratch to make them truly unique. From the hand beaded embellishments, to the hand curled feathers, all the way to the fabric logo tags; Alyson’s hand made products are done so with care and passion. Materials are hand selected based on quality and aesthetics to build a line of accessories that mix natural elements with industrial aspects, creating a beautiful juxtaposition for unconventional brides.

What sets them apart?

All production and sourcing is handled directly by the owner. Each material is personally hand selected and sourced from local/small businesses first before contacting national and international vendors. We are a strong believers in supporting the community you live in and try to do this as much as possible!

Production is created out of our studio in Brooklyn, NY. We make and inspect each item before it is packaged carefully. A lot of the materials we work with are very delicate, those products are handled with a lot more care and are checked quite a few times even after they are put in their packaging.


Wholesale: $25-$350

MSRP: $55-$770

Contact: Alyson at or 610-906-9615

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