Autumn Silk


As a premiere bridal salon searching for the ultimate wedding dress that will turn your bride's dream into reality we would like to introduce to you THE AUTUMN SILK WEDDING DRESSES, the bridal collection that will raise the bar in the bridal industry. 

We are happy to announce that we are the exclusive distributors of this spectacular collection in the U.S. As a retailer like you, we understand and appreciate the concept of protecting a territory and are, therefore, introducing it to retail stores on exclusive basis. These beautiful dresses are all made by hand, with intricate details and embroidery by artisans to create glamour, elegance and perfect silhouettes. 

Our office is located in the U.S. and shipping is from the U.S. to you. 

What sets them apart?

Our collection is very exclusive and unique...exactly what retailers are looking for right now. We've had wonderful results with this collection in our own store. The first two weeks we had it on the floor, we sold ten pieces. It's truly magnetic. Brides won't try on anything else once they fall in love with it!


Wholesale: Contact for more information.

MSRP: Varies

Contact: Nancy Ghusein at (708)602-4334 or Chad Ghusein at (708)212-4710 

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