Curvy Unicorn Bridal


Curvy Unicorn Bridal is a exclusive plus size wedding dress company. At Curvy our wedding dresses are designed with the curvy girl in mind. We know our brides because we have been there. We believe every bride should feel absolutely fabulous about her body AND her dress buying experience. And that’s why Curvy Unicorn was born!

With over 10+ years in the wedding industry, Keneshia, our curvy founder, have seen and felt the struggles of plus size brides! In fact, we’ve felt them ourselves! By combining our strengths in the wedding industry and experience launching successful bridal brands we’re taking the bridal fashion industry by storm! And we’re doing it in a PLUS kinda way!

Curvy Unicorn Bridal’s mission is to celebrate and empower plus-size brides through community and solidarity. Looking fabulous for your wedding happens only after you feel fabulous on the inside. Curvy Unicorn celebrates bodies of all sizes, people of all kinds, and knows every woman deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day. Curvy Unicorn brides believe that they should feel great, look great, and BE great!

What sets them apart?

Our dresses are made specifically for curvy women. We look at the curvy body as a whole, we understand our bride still wants to look beautiful and sexy in their wedding dress. We create designs where our brides can still feel sexy and comfortable in what they are wearing.

Our collection has some gorgeous 2 in 1 dresses so that our bride will have a elegant ceremony dress and stunning reception dress. This is our signature style and we have something for everyone including a 2-in-1 romper. Plus size women have curves and we celebrate them giving them beautiful lines and stunning fabric.

Our dresses are designed in the states and manufactured overseas where we work hands on with our manufactures to source the best fabrics for our dresses. Our goal is to make plus size women, look good, feel great and shine on their wedding day.


Wholesale: $1000 - $1800

MSRP: $1600 - $2400

Contact: Keneshia at

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