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Ellie Day weaves bohemian with a luxe sensibility to create glamorous dresses and separates. Our bride knows exactly who she is; the refined whimsical dreamer. She’s an ultramodern free-spirited bride. She loves herself exactly as she is, knows herself and her passions. Her interests and personality love everything to be beautifully balanced. She is high-styled, but very chill. Kind-hearted, passionate and in love with being in love.
We want all of our brides to walk into their new life reflecting their truest vision of themselves- looking and feeling authentic. Because we love fashion we want our brides to fully immerse themselves in this moment...the union, the intensity, the atmosphere. The bespoke collection offers a seamless way for the bride to present her truest passion and self.

What sets them apart?

Fashion is how we express our soul. From chill to modern, chic to casual- every dress is important and reflective of a client’s individuality. But no garment sets the tone for a life event like The Wedding Dress. Ellie Day Bridal was created by Elaine Spoerer in 2017. Ellie has long enjoyed creating custom and quirky cocktail dresses for her contemporary line. When one of her pieces was purposed as a wedding dress in 2016 for an unconventional bride, Ellie Day Bridal was born.

Being wild-at-heart with a vintage soul herself, Elaine was excited to challenge the norms of wedding tradition and thrilled to dress the bohemian bride. At her own wedding Ellie wore two different dresses, unable to find something suitable for the entire event.

Her previous work as a designer for Betsey Johnson as well as merchandising for Anthropologie had set the tone for Ellie’s signature style- merging glitz with contemporary off-beat.

Our collection exists as the wardrobe from which brides can pull not just pieces but inspiration. We can change a lace, lighten or darken a shade, really mold an item to become the bride’s vision. We love personality, and are happy to throw a cape in the mix or skip the veil. Ellie Day is created with delicate laces, flowing silks and subtle color in the embroidered details. Our bride exudes grace, confidence and artistic inimitability.

Everything is created here in the USA- either in our Los Angeles or a female-owned manufacturing space in Chicago, Ellie’s home town. Supporting local business and economy is vital to the Ellie Day brand. Ellie Day is the epitome of slow-fashion process, but we can still help you out with that last minute dress in 3 weeks. Everything about each dress is ordered, created, measured, cut and sewn by hand by someone who is considering your bride and her needs on her wedding day. We love to craft beauty...and know how to make a stunning dress (or jumpsuit).


Wholesale: $240-$800 Separates, $850-$1700 Gowns

MSRP: $600-$1600 Separates, $1750-$3000 Gowns

Contact: Elaine at sales@ellieday.com or 323-605-2571

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