You're ready to grow your wholesale…

And you know that NYBFW is exactly where you need to be this October. The only question is where will you be hanging your collection up when those all important dates roll around?

We spend all year bringing together bridal boutiques and bridal designers. Our October Market Showroom is no different.

We know you're a heart filled business with big goals year after year and you're looking for stores that see your vision. No matter whether this is your first Market or fifth, you know it takes a lot. A lot of time, energy, phone calls, money, and guts. All valuable things that can push you up to the next level, as long as you spend them wisely.

That's what we have in mind as we build every bit of the Wed Altered experience. We help you strategize and prepare, we build relationships with buyers, and we do all the behind the scenes prep so you can roll in with your collection and set up when Market comes around. 

We do that for one reason...


So all you need to worry about is creating amazing pieces and selling them to your perfect stores.

Here's what you'll get as a Wed Altered Exhibitor:

A booth space all to yourself - We believe in community and keep the set up there aren't walls all the way around each space. But you'll have a clearly defined space with up to 2 racks, a dress form, and a seating set up for your appointments (you'll help pick what you want!). Accessories set ups will be planned as needed. If you need a larger space, we have those available too! Just email and we'll work out the details.

Professional decor - Your signage is up (the pretty kind you will want to take home with you), the whole show is decorated by our in house merchandising experts, and flowers are waiting for you in your space before you even set foot in the city. You roll in with your collection and get to start prepping for appointments right away. Check out the mood board to see our decor inspiration for this year's showroom.

A fitting room - Each space will have an easily accessible fitting room that they share with a few other exhibitors at no charge. Or, if you want one right in your space, we'll work with you to make that happen.

Pre and post market support - We do market so you can sell, period. We have an exhibitors-only group for 3 months leading up to market and 1 month after where we talk sales and marketing, answer your questions, and build community. We also have a day-after education session that's only open to WA exhibitors.

Immediate buyer feedback - We've gathered a hand-picked group of store buyers who will go around the show one evening and leave thorough constructive feedback on your collection and marketing materials. This high level industry research is priceless. We're all about intentional growth and getting information like this is how you do it.

Marketing support - We spend all year talking with store buyers in our online community, at industry events, and with our B2B magazine. We market the show AND YOU to help you in your work to schedule appointments with your dream bridal wholesale stockists. We also have a professional photographer who will take pictures of you, your space, and your collection so you have great pictures to continue your marketing after the show is done. Our treat.

Finally, no surprises... 

There are no additional costs for lighting, tablecloths, or other basic show needs. You can make the investment and you'll have a top notch space when you get here,  with nothing to worry about in between.

Dates: Oct 6-9, 2018

Total cost: $3399

What makes our show different?

We are always looking at how to shift things and help the whole industry grow. We're around every day to support you as you get ready. We have staff there to help throughout the show. We're building a technology station at the show to help buyers explore and narrow in on lines that fit their store. We're hosting a State of the Industry Roundtable one night to have a large scale discussion on how to catch bridal wholesale and the crazy Market weeks up with the needs of the buyers and designers. We're here to make big moves, not maintain the status quo of an industry that's still selling and gathering the same way it has for decades.