Iryna Kotapska


Iryna Kotapska offers unique designs, inspired by the hottest styles in Europe, with surprisingly lighter weight ballgown dresses, quality French lace and hand beading. We are currently in over 27 countries all over the world and expanding into the United States. We are looking for bridal salons that want something different and service both the more traditional bride but also someone who is looking for a more sophisticated look. What also makes our company unique is that we easily customize our designs. Whether a brides wants to make a gown sleeveless or turning a corset into a zipped back gown, many of these changes can be done easily and small changes are at no charge to you.

Because we stand behind our product and its ability to attract customers, we don't require annual minimums after your first order. Our U.S. Distributor is in Florida and as a boutique owner, she understands the common struggles of the business and is here to advocate and support you the best was possible. Because our gowns are also reasonably priced, we are able to put more money into your business with a recommended MSRP up-charge of 2.5 your cost. Our gowns go from size 0 to 22, however, we do provide custom gown design and sizing for your clients needs and can provide custom pricing for such.

What sets them apart?

We typically complete production to your store within 10 weeks. We are extremely proud of our workmanship and desire to produce quality work each and every time. We provide quality checks in our US distribution center, prior to each item being shipped to you and all gowns are manufactured in the Ukraine.

Wholesale: $220 - $2000

MSRP: $600+

Contact: Monica at or (407) 731-6477

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