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I often get asked many questions about who I am, what my “niche” is, who my clientele is, and what my aesthetic is.

Firstly, hi! My name is Colleen, not Kata, Kata was my grandmothers name, I secretly do wish it were my name though. I often get asked many questions about who I am, what my “niche” is, who my clientele is, and what my aesthetic is. I wouldnt say I have a “niche” I just design, my work is for every one, every bride to be. If you care about sustainability and ethical practices, you got it here, yet I still say my work has a very LUXE feel about it. My work is created in my home studio. Creative Chaos. Staying true to my roots is so important to me. I create my designs in the most difficult way possible: completely by hand, one at a time and just for you from beginning to end by me, occasionally I work with with 2 other artisans, my sons, who are just amazing to work with. They are both artists as well, so the creative explosion that happens is inspired.If I had to describe my line I would think it is a collection with its roots in fine art, great poetry, great music and high fashion with couture craftsmanship. Made for people wanting something that reflects thier own unique style, pieces for the modern bride who has her own outlook and style that wants to take it into her wedding day. As a designer, quality, design and craftsmanship are a huge factoring process that I am passionate about. Ethical and sustainable practice and use of couture skills are at the forefront. I ultimately want to create a heirloom to be passed down for generations. My work is varied by it’s unique blending of technique, texture and fine materials while combining old techniques with a modern aesthetic and thinking.

I love most designing custom commissions, limited and one of kind collections.

What sets them apart?

I source and produce in the United States. I work directly with other family owned small businesses and Im very grateful for that. Everything is done in my studio in Pittsburgh PA and each piece is done by hand by me and my assistant. We ensure that you have an ethically produced, hand crafted piece of art done as sustain-ably as possible.


Wholesale: $38 - $495

MSRP: $83 - $1300 (2.2 to 2.75 mark up)

Contact: Colleen at kata.banko@gmail.com

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