Hey there Amanda!

We're really excited to tackle your dreams and desires for your bridal business! You already know that communication and clarity are things we're pretty passionate about around Wed Altered...well, that's what this page is for. It's all yours, and you'll find everything you need right here for our projects and work together. As always, let us know what you need. There's a handy contact form right at the bottom of the page.

Project Summary

  • A new branding kit, including logo files, color palette, and branding guidelines - We'll use your vision for your brand and the heart behind it to work through some inspiration with you (Don't worry. There are worksheets and a call with us, you won't do this alone). You'll get 3 options and 2 rounds of revisions for each element. All final files delivered straight to you, ready to use to spread the word for your company and get you all excited about feeling 100% aligned with your awesome business's new look. (Investment - $497)
  • A new Squarespace website - Again, we'll go through high level guided prework with planning and worksheets. We dive into the vision as well as the strategy here. Every bit of your website is designed to appeal to your ideal client, get out your brand's message, and guide clients to your desired call to action for your new leads. This package is for 8 fully laid out and designed pages. Squarespace is beautifully built, with completely customizable layouts but intuitive and simple drag and drop construction. The goal is that you'll be able to go right in and easily do things over the years to keep your information up to date and your blog consistent. (If you want to...we can help with that, too!) (Investment - $2500)
  • Copywriting - We'll have you tell us all about your message for each page (with guided worksheets and some brainstorming, of course!) and then we'll use our master writer's well honed copywriting skills to get it out there in your voice so it draws your brides in and gets them excited to work with you. Each page can be up to 800 words and 20 pictures. You'll be able to approve the content and will work with us to perfect it (up to 2 revisions per page). (Investment - $500 for the 8 pages)
  • Marketing Material Bonus - We'll grab a couple of your favorite pictures and your fancy new branding and design you a file you can use to start generating new sales right away (choices - postcard, simple 2 page linesheet, brochure, email graphic) (Value - $197)

TOTAL: $3497 (and a bonus worth $197)

(Case study discount of 40%)

New total: $2098

Payment Option
Deposit of $498 and then 12 monthly payments of $175 (also covers all Squarespace costs! Full Payment does not include monthly Squarespace costs)


The most important step is to get on the same page for your brand's soul AND the purpose behind your digital outreach. These are meant to be enjoyable, stretching, business building worksheets (we have coaching clients who go through them regularly). Dive in, let your heart talk to you about your vision for your business, and really free yourself up to go for what feels right for you.

Let us worry about taking that big picture and making it work with the nuts and bolts of the internet world!


  • All About Your Bride
  • Please gather website examples, color ideas, and general inspiration on a Pinterest board and send me the link!


We'll be collaborating on this. Hold tight!


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