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Four years ago, I fell in love with some vintage brooches in an antique market. I took them home with me and created the most glamorous bridal cuff bracelet, using one of the brooches and some beaded lace. This was the beginning of the Cloe Noel brand.

I’m Kim by the way, professional Treasure Hunter and Beauty Seeker. I have always loved sparkle and beautiful bridal accessories, but even more so when teamed with vintage and unique brooches and jewels. It is these that give an accessory a sense of story and there is nothing I love more than hunting high and low for that perfect piece to complete my couture creations, making every single accessory truly special for each bride.

I’m a hopeless romantic, a fashion-focused creative, a cat lover (my brand is named after my favourite feline friend) and a bit of a perfectionist, working tirelessly to achieve the perfect creation for my customer. I love to find out about my bride and craft something that sums up her individual style, whether it be a headpiece, a beautiful bridal cuff or a couture clutch, it’s all about reflecting you, building a relationship together and delivering a memorable experience and something that you will treasure forever.

Because when it comes to treasure, I’m definitely your girl.

What sets them apart?

Every Cloe Noel accessory is a one of a kind design. Each piece is designed with hand selected rhinestone and lace embellishments and a touch of a vintage jewel. I design all my collections in my home studio in South Florida.


Wholesale: $45-148

MSRP: $95-295

Contact: Kim Ortiz at

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