Get rid of your wish list - Make a plan.

I have to tell you, I have some harsh truth for you today and you'll never guess where it came from.

This morning I was getting ready while my 2 year old enjoyed eating an apple entirely too slowly and watched Trolls. I have to admit, I was listening and watching out of the corner of my eye. I can't help it, I loved Trolls growing up!

I don't know if you've seen it, but the main character, Poppy, is on a mission to save her friends from getting eaten. One characteristic of most Trolls is overwhelming positivity and optimism, and even though the mission seems pretty hopeless, she's ready to go and sure she's going to get it done. 

Her helper in all of this is Branch, the one Troll who's never happy and never positive. He's all about survival. There's a lot more to the movie, but I'll just share the line he drops on her when they're headed out on their rescue mission.


Ouch. Early Monday Motivation can come from a lot of places, but some how it hits a little harder when a beloved childhood toy gives you a good shake down. 

The truth? A success mindset better come with purposeful action or it sinks into a meaningless wish list that never gets fulfilled. So many coaches and business groups pound out the rah-rah encouragement without backing it up with any actionable work or advice. Why? It sells easier. People like to hear they can make money without trying, lose weight without any changes, and get everything they want just by closing their eyes and making a wish. If they were really worried about you seeing success, they'd tell you the truth: You need to actually do something...most likely something drastically different than what you've been doing so far.

So what about you? Do you have a plan? Or a wishlist? If you can't answer that with total confidence, I'm challenging you to take time this morning to put pieces of a plan in place so you can finally start to check items off your wish list and see the results you've been picturing for so long.

The biggest and fastest way to make change is get another perspective on what's been holding you back and expert advice to make sure you do things differently this time around. Come join us in our brand new bridal business community on Facebook and we'll all focus on growing our plans together!

I can't wait to talk,