Adding Value and up-selling with Preservation Services


When a bride chooses a wedding gown she isn't just buying a dress, she is choosing an heirloom. Wedding gowns become treasured symbols of a loving marriage and the family it may form. Often these gowns are passed down to younger generations for reuse, even if it just becomes the fabric from which we make other special items. 

The best way to give your brides more value and longevity with their investment by offering preservation services. That's why we would love to introduce you to our Wed Altered contributor Tami Parks from Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists to discuss this option further.

The idea of preservation is interesting but possibly concerning for a lot of brides. They don't always know what it really entails or if it's worth it, and this is a great opportunity to educate clients. It's the main goal of Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists to work specifically with bridal boutiques to increase their expertise and profit margins by offering unparalleled gown care and education. You don't have to become preservers yourself to have this as a great way to up-sell, you just have to find the right partner.


Tami Parks has been in the clothing care industry for over 30 years and owned an upscale bridal boutique in Holland, Michigan for 7 years. Seeing a need in the market for a preservation service with a high level of personal care and support for boutique wholesale partners, Tami created Great Lakes Wedding Gown Specialists.

Educating the boutiques they work with is a huge step towards a measurable success. They've even created "Profit in Preservations" seminar that can be scheduled for your team.

The mark up on preservation (2.2x) means that you're adding about $100 to every ticket. It's the same opportunity as adding in the perfect accessories, but without the inventory risks. For stores who haven't added it, there is a lot of extra money being left of the shop floor and it's a huge service for your brides. You really can't beat it.

One of Great Lakes Wedding Specialists top selling points is it's reliability and guarantee. All gowns are processed in house at their West Michigan location and are never shipped out or outsourced. They are hand cleaned with a highly respected process that has been featured in Modern Bride and Bride's magazine proven to work against sugar stains or yellowing. In fact they provide a  100% international guarantee in writing backed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. What could be more valuable than that piece of mind?

All dresses are stored in an environmentally-pure, museum quality archival chest with acid-free tissue. The dresses however are still accessible. They can be opened and handled with the white gloves provided.

Are you considering offering preservation services? Check out more info on Great Lakes Wedding Specialists here. 

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