What makes our line so special that one Matron of Honor said she wished she could “cheat on her wedding gown” with one of our looks? It is the fact that Nuorikko truly gives our brides the opportunity to elevate their wedding style and create a personalized gown unlike anything else in the market! Our unique line of 15 separates creates as many as 500 possible styling options, making it an unparalleled luxury product that combines high fashion with the experience of creating a one-of-a-kind bridal look. Offered in contemporary sizes 2-16 and fit to flatter, each piece has available customizations to create the right silhouette for each bride’s individual body and style.

Our passion stems from the belief that every bride should feel like herself on her wedding day. There is something so magical about helping a bride find a gown that she not only looks stunning in, but that she feels comfortable and individual in as well. Nuorikko's line is specifically made to be effortlessly customizable, making it easier and more fun to create a wedding gown that showcases each bride’s personality. Beyond what we do for the customer, we are innovating by merging technology with handmade aspects of slow fashion, which allows us to create affordable luxury options while still allowing for highly customized pieces.

Nuorikko’s concept was developed through the past decade of CEO & Designer Kaitlyn’s experience designing custom wedding gowns. “I fully fell in love with bridal the first time I had a customer literally fall to pieces over how well her design suited her. I wanted to bring that experience to more than just a handful of custom order clients, and so I created a line that gives every bride the options to create a unique style that speaks to her.”

Last, but certainly not least, is our focus on giving back to women throughout our community and the world. Giving back matters to us. It’s more than just a part of our plan - It’s the heart of our business. We donate 5% of our profits to women’s charities, because it’s the right thing to do.

What sets them apart?

Nuorikko’s line is entirely designed and produced in the U.S. using sustainable manufacturing methods to help reduce our global footprint. With our innovative production model, known as mass customization, we deliver a quality, personalized product in half the time of traditionally manufactured gowns. Through our streamlined and responsive sales & manufacturing channels, we are ensuring that no goods or products are produced without a verified buyer, resulting in extremely efficient and sustainable production.

The Nuorikko line features recycled fibers and materials, as well as custom-designed lasercut lace that is made to order for each bride. Premium quality materials are at the forefront of our label, but we believe that this level of quality can be achieved with respect to our earth and to the craftsmen who produce our designs. You will not find mass-produced lace or beading on any of our designs, and every one of our seamstresses in Denver and L.A. are paid a fair living wage.

Nuorikko is at the forefront of innovation in the apparel industry with these sustainable and responsible practices, making us one of the first bridal brands to deliver a quality, made-to-order gown using modern production methods. We are creating beautiful, premium products - but not at the expense of our earth. We envision a future where the apparel industry as a whole can generate less waste and use more sustainable methods & materials, and we are pushing for the change we want to see in modern manufacturing. Our brides get a better experience and a better product, and we reduce our footprint, have better control over our supply chain, and deliver a premium product at an affordable price.


Wholesale: $150-1700

MSRP: $300-3700

Contact: Kaitlyn at or 970-631-9050

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