Renee Grace Bridal


Renée Grace Bridal was started in 2016 with a desire to make beautiful gowns in a new way. Our dresses are designed to be minimal, modern and elegant. We want brides to feel confident that when they walk down the aisle every head will turn. We create dresses that embrace brides making them feel bold, beautiful, and extraordinary. Since no woman is the same, we’ve taken a serious look at fit. Of the four major body shapes, we’ve found that 64% of American women between 19-35 fall into one - the pear-shape; larger through the hip than the bust. So we have taken two years of engineering our dresses to fit the pear-shaped figure, we’ve developed internal corsets for comfort and shape, we’ve changed cup sizes within size ranges to fit more brides, and we’ve put the size number in streetwear sizing so that brides get to celebrate the unique woman that they are because they are anything but ordinary. At Renée Grace we honor the role stores play in creating the magical wedding day. We know how hard it is to run a small business and bring the magic so we’re putting stores in the forefront. We have small minimums, we’re a phone call away including Saturdays, and our designer will travel with trunk shows to help promote stores and create a special event. Renee Grace bridal was founded by Teresa Eklund. Teresa is a graduate of fashion design from the University of Cincinnati DAAP. She has 30 years experience in design and has an expert team of pattern makers and seamstresses that create all the dresses in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can be secure in knowing our dresses are ethically and expertly made.

What sets them apart?

Renee Grace gowns are handmade in Cincinnati, OH with ethically sourced fabrics, trims and notions. We employ local seamstresses and patternmakers who are masters in their craft. We are an all woman team that believes in the beauty in every woman. Our heart is support everyone involved in the bridal experience by producing well-made, well-fitting gowns.


Wholesale: $600 - $1200

MSRP: $1200 - $3400

Contact: Teresa at or (513) 399-5616

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