Renegade Bridal



After years in bridal retail as well as working with retailers nationwide, I began to realize that the gaping void when it comes to serving women seeking anything out of the ordinary.  I get it, but being among those women, my frustration led me to serving those truly inspired brides-to-be.  These are women who know and love who they are and want to walk down the aisle in a statement that embodies their entire, amazing personality, heritage, and celebration style.  My mission is for every gown to remind the partner waiting at the opposite end of the aisle of everything they treasure about the bride, in one magnificent instant.  It's a powerful moment of self-expression, and I live for the thrill of empowering women to embrace it fully.

What sets them apart?

All of our Gowns  are designed in US and meticulously manufactured in China. Myself and other designers oversee this process and visit for extended periods of time to make sure all pieces are created to our high standards. 

Wholesale: $225-850

MSRP: $650-2500

Contact: Natalie at or 713-364-4628

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