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With more than two decades of experience as the premiere jewelry designer to the world of pageantry, Stefanie Somers knows a little bit about how to make a woman feel like a queen. With a background in theatre, dance, costuming and retail, she brings a unique tapestry of experience to the world of bridal design."There’s beautiful jewelry everywhere you turn, but so much of it doesn’t highlight you - it wears you. My aim is that each piece we create, even our larger designs, be easy and effortless, yet stunning and heirloom worthy.”

What sets them apart?

Each piece of Stefanie Somers Wedding jewelry is handcrafted in our studio in Texas. Hand soldered, plated one at a time, and handset with the finest crystals from Swarovski®. Our artisans use contemporary metal-smithing techniques to create exquisite pieces that will be treasured for years to come. Our new Wedding Collection offers not only sparkling earrings and necklaces but combs, hairpins, and uniquely articulated bridal crowns to make that special day positively majestic.

Custom design is welcome. Let us create for you!


Wholesale: $69 to $199

MSRP: $175 to $499

Contact: Stefanie at or 800-400-4312

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