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Bridal business owners like you are usually juggling a handful of roles, a long list of tasks, and a heart full of dreams as they work to reach their ideal brides and grow their profit. And you know that getting the right message and branding out there consistently is absolutely non-negotiable...but that doesn't make it any easier!

We know first hand that finding the right expert at the right time can make all the difference in the world. There are lots of ways we work with our amazing community of store owners and designers to help them build a business they love and we know that there's something in here for you. 

What would make you breathe a sigh of relief as you take your newly freed up time to pay more attention to your brides and your goals? Where do you need to make your business shine so that customers take action and come find you with a smile?

Bridal business is different than any other fashion business and any other wedding business. It has its own needs and goals. We know all about those and we're here to build exactly what your business needs, with you!


Digital Outreach and Social Media

Keeping up with quality blogging, social media posts, AND email marketing in a way that puts your message and brand feel out there so brides fall in love with you over and over again?

Yeah, it's a lot. Something you probably don't have time for most days without giving up something big. Like your lunch break. Or your sanity.

We can help. We have the tools and the workflows down to a science...all while keeping your voice and soul in what goes up.

Monthly packages start at $400.


Website Design

Whether you need to start from scratch or a refresh, we believe that time used to keep your digital home base in order is well spent. When you're connecting with customers for a high end emotional purchase, you need a website that matches that message and draws them in. 

We'll help you get the brand new feel you've been dreaming of  in a way that will grow and adapt with your business for years. (And it's easy to use.)

We focus on great results without a fully custom design, which means packages can start at $3000. We also offer payment plans.


Lead Generation and Funnels

This title is deceivingly dull. This is one of our favorite things to do for bridal businesses! It's quick to get up and running. It's cost effective. It's how you make sure you pull them in, show them how awesome you are to work with, and move them toward the next step in the buying journey. All completely automated.

But most people aren't doing it. It's crazy!

We'll design a custom branded lead magnet, a funnel page sequence, and the email follow ups to get your leads on your list and in an appointment.

Starting at $1000. See our most popular package here!

What if you and your team can implement, but you want some expert insight into how and what needs to be done?

We can do that! Our 30 Day Breakthrough program is perfect for:

  • Website audits and refreshes
  • Marketing and social media strategy
  • Getting clear on branding and messaging


Marketing Strategy, Styling, and Implementation

We take a small number of full service marketing clients at a time. We can help you with pull together the perfect Lookbook, design marketing materials, strategize a full yearly strategy, and just about everything in between. We love all things marketing, branding, and strategy! This is a high level package and designed from top to bottom just for you and your business. Contact us to apply and start the process!

bridal lookbook styling marketing strategy.jpeg

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