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As a child I was often found rummaging around in my mom’s jewelry box figuring out ways to re-combine her jewels. I collected stones and shells everywhere I went and I learned to use a hammer helping my father with his woodworking. So I figure I came by jewelry design naturally, I love hammers and stones.I began designing jewelry in high school, and then went to college and focused my creative design skills in other areas, but I always had a hand in art; photography, interior design, painting. After leaving the high tech world I could no longer resist the desire to work with metal and stones.

Nature is my biggest influence, especially water. Many of my textures are inspired by the light effects on moving water. You will also see influences of cultures from my travels. In all of my work I try to capture the spirit of the world.My work is nature friendly and I use reclaimed silver. All of the pieces are hand fabricated in my studio in Seeley Lake, MT with attention to detail in both design and craftsmanship. And as always all of our work is overseen by at least one of our dogs.

My wish is for each piece to be a talisman to remind the wearer they are beautiful, special, powerful and worthy. To dream bigger and reach higher. To share love and make the world a better place. My work has won awards, and I teach traditional metal smithing and modern metal clay techniques. I love sharing what and how I create and helping other with their creative endeavors.

What sets them apart?

All materials are sourced from US vendors. The silver used in my work is all reclaimed. In the Foglia Collection each leaf is individually crafted and hammered. There is no casting in our work, so each leaf is unique just as it is in nature. The pieces are produced in our studio in Montana with a focus on quality and design.

Wholesale: $29 – $345

MSRP: $69 - $869

Contact: Dona at or 406-210-0526

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