Love Lives Here


Formed in 2009 with the purpose of bringing authentic, passionately made bridal wear to its equally passionate and authentic clients, Love Lives Here gowns are inspired by the modern, down to earth, fashionable woman – a gal who’s sweet, but not too sweet. Founder and Creative Director Amanda Jennings proudly comes from a long line of Midwestern artisans. Her rich family history of creativity and craftsmanship instilled a love for building that runs deep. After spending 12 years working in product development, Amanda combined her obsession with luxurious fabrics and contemporary design with the skills she honed during her career in technical design and quality assurance to develop a collection of gowns focused on perfect fit and impeccable construction. We specialize in designing for the fun, fearless, fashionable bride – a woman who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and break a few rules. Your bridal attire should represent who YOU are, instead of the iconic idea of what a bride should wear. You’re no princess, you’re a partner, and your wedding look should reflect your personal style and tell your story of strength and independence. We specialize in customizations - in fact, we LOVE them! The entire Love Lives Here collection is fully customizable - fabrics, colors, necklines, sleeves - everything is interchangeable. Our passion is building gowns that help EVERY woman see herself as a bride.

What sets them apart?

All Love Lives Here gowns are handmade in Milwaukee, WI of ethically sourced fabrics and trims. We prefer working with luxurious silks and do our best to support US suppliers whenever possible. The Love Lives Here studio employs local seamstresses and interns who share Amanda's passion for quality craftsmanship, unparalleled customer service, fantastic music and all things sparkly. Our goal is not to take over the bridal industry, but instead to build long lasting, heart-filled partnerships with boutiques who share our vision and love for luxe.


Wholesale: $800-$1600

MSRP: $1800-$3600

Contact: Amanda at or 414-975-7958

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