Minimalist Bridal Style That Simply Can't Be Ignored.

Ok, first, yes...we're going to mention Duchess Meghan's dress :) I know you've seen post after picture of the #royalwedding for weeks, but this is something I've been planning to talk all about for awhile and her style just ties in so nicely. Besides, we'll be going through how to take that style and turn it into profit making strategy for your business. So it's worth staying tuned! 

Let's start with the recent history of minimalism in bridal fashion. Minimalistic brides have never gone away, but they have been fewer and farther between. While we haven't been only about blinged out ballgowns, either, even the slinkiest dresses seemed to be topped with some kind of impressive details that really upped the impact. And they're gorgeous! But they aren't for everyone and us simplicity lovers have been quietly dying for attention instead being kept as a quiet footnote.

Enter the rise of minimalism. We talk often about how trends develop over and over, so I know this is not a groundbreaking concept. Minimal designs have been seen in variations since the dawn of fashion.

Whatever your ideal bride's style, there's a spectrum of designs that are a good fit for your offerings. We're here to give you some ideas. 

Because minimal is about as specific as "ball gown"...they can be very very different and there is the perfect sample out there for your kind of minimalist bride.

Case in point - Samira Wiley and her wife Lauren Morelli's killer outfits (picture by @abbeyandlauren).

While Lauren's is a little more detailed, both outfits are still all about the lines and feel. Perfect execution of minimal in very different style.

Or, minimal can be chic and laid back, like this separates look from Pure Magnolia.

Relaxed and cool, yet gorgeous are the words that come to mind for these Lena Meydoyeff gowns. (Instagram post here)

The laid-back bride with a more free-spirited style can still keep it minimal and understated, too, in this Ellie Day gown.

This halter gown by Marie Margot Couture puts all the focus on what the fabric can do, which is exactly why we love minimalist styles

I love the variety that just a hint of texture can throw in to a minimal design too, like this gown in Hyacinth Bridal's debut collection. 

And I'm a firm believer that minimal and full skirts can get along well, too. I'm loving this simple showstopper from Laine Berry Bride. (Link to Instagram post)

When the rest of the details are pared back, dramatic cuts like this open back on Edith Elan's gown get the attention they deserve. (Photographed by Inspired Eye Photography)

The main point I want to dive into today is that there IS a minimalist style that's just right for your kind of bride...maybe not exactly like either of the royal wedding dresses (or maybe so!), but to miss this resurgence while you're planning your next inventory buys or collections would be too bad. It never really left, but it's definitely coming back in a big way. And carefully picked selection of simplicity will set off the more elaborate styles you carry. You can't afford to ignore it...but who would want to?

Want more styles to look through?

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PS - I've got one more picture that's pretty awesome

One of our Wed Altered community members got to shake Prince Harry's hand during all the celebration and lead up to the royal wedding. Jennifer Feldstein of The Last Minute Bride shared this pic she snapped herself of the parade, and I was pretty jealous. How cool, right?! You can see more of her experience here.

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