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We're really excited to tackle your dreams and desires for your businesses! You already know that communication and clarity are things we're pretty passionate about around Wed Altered...well, that's what this page is for. It's all yours, and you'll find everything you need right here for our projects and work together. As always, let us know what you need. There's a handy contact form right at the bottom of the page.

Project Summary

  • A new branding kit, including logo files, color palette, and branding guidelines - We'll use your vision for your brands and the heart behind it to work through some inspiration with you (Don't worry. There are worksheets and a call with us, you won't do this alone). We'll focus on pulling all of the messaging together, whether it's all under Suhaag Garden or with a new name. You'll get 3 options and 2 rounds of revisions for each element. All final files delivered straight to you, ready to use to spread the word for your company and get you all excited about feeling 100% aligned with your awesome business's new look. (This is your new logo and all the colors and fonts to keep everything cohesive.) (Investment - $500)

  • A new Wordpress website - Again, we'll go through high level guided prework with planning and worksheets. We dive into the vision as well as the strategy here. Every bit of your website is designed to appeal to your ideal bride, get out your brand's message, and guide brides to your desired call to action for each part of the website. This package is for up to 15 fully laid out and designed pages. Wordpress is a generic platform, but we'll choose a theme with simple drag and drop construction. The goal is that you'll be able to go right in and do things over the years to keep your information up to date and your blog consistent. (If you want to...we can help with that, too!) (Investment - $7750. Keep in mind that there may be a charge for a premium theme, if you choose one. But there are lots of great free options.)

    • A few notes for the design we discussed:

      • Reworking the overall cohesiveness of the branding into one easy to navigate website (Suhaag Garden, Tanirika, and the expert/bundles all together)

      • Reframing everything to focus on the luxury weddings

      • Building a space for establishing your expertise and a page to sell your bundles and resources.

      • Building a strong brand story on the About page

      • Creating a few pages with pictures, inspiration, and testimonials from real weddings

      • Building in some interactive elements, such as a form or quiz

    • Alternative platforms and prices - Show It would be $6500 and SquareSpace would be $5000, not including branding. See below for comparisons

  • Copywriting - We'll have you tell us all about your message for each page (with guided worksheets and some brainstorming, of course!) and then we'll use our well honed copywriting skills to get it out there in your voice so it draws your clients in and gets them excited to work with you. Each page can be up to 800 words (on average, some may be longer, some shorter) and 20 pictures. You'll be able to approve the content and will work with us to perfect it (up to 2 revisions per page).

  • Marketing Material Bonus - We'll grab a couple of your favorite pictures and your fancy new branding and design you a file you can use to start generating new sales right away (choices - postcard, simple 2 page information booklet, brochure, email graphic) (Value - $197)

TOTAL: $8250

(or $7000 with Show It or $5500 with Squarespace)

Additional Work Discussed:

  • Two lead generation funnels - Strategy, copywriting, and design for the funnels (one for your event design and one for the expert/education). This includes the lead magnet (such as a quiz, video, or download), and 4-5 follow up points (typically through an email sequence). It will be designed as an evergreen system, that you can send leads to for an extended amount of time. They won't work forever, but they do work for a while! By the time you want to introduce something new, it will be about time to freshen it up (typically 12-18 months, although it can vary). We'll also place them on the site. (Investment - $2000)

  • Blog, Email Newsletter, and Social Media Strategy and Maintenance - Each week would include 1 blog post, 6 Facebook posts, 6 Instagram posts, and 30 Pinterest pins (5 a day). The blogs and posts would be written by us, after a recorded session to gather ideas and information from you, to make sure it's all in your voice and fits what you're working on in your business at the moment. Many of these can be Real Wedding posts, but we can strategize how much as we plan. (Investment $1200 a month at typical pricing. Case study discount available for 3 months at 40% off, making it $800 a month. This could be broken down to include just some of these services, like blog and emails only or social media only)

Platform Comparisons, Work Samples, and Other Information

Squarespace alternative - All the same pieces as a Wordpress site, just on a Squarespace template. Much more user friendly, slightly less SEO options. Also a little less able to customize the layout (but I love their templates, they're good options - Anna Be, Attele Bridal, and this site are all Squarespace sites...I didn't design Anna Be or Attele, they're just good wedding specific examples). Keep in mind a $16-26 monthly fee that covers their services and hosting.

Show It alternative - All the same pieces as a Wordpress site, just on a Show It template. Slightly more user friendly, slightly less SEO options (but more than Squarespace. Almost equally as customizable (see Jenna Kutcher's site for an example). Keep in mind a ~$30 monthly fee that covers their services and that there may be a charge for a premium theme, if you choose one. But there are lots of great free options.

Here's a great article to compare the three platforms for SEO.

A few examples of sites we have built: This Wed Altered site (Squarespace), Christen Schneider (Squarespace), and Budding Yoga (Wordpress). I know that's not a bridal site, but it's an up to date redo of a Wordpress platform where we did work on bringing the colors and fonts together. I also have a bridal store website in the works in Squarespace, but it's not live until they get a new photoshoot wrapped up and approve some copy. I can show you via screenshare if you'd like! For all of those examples, we did the whole branding concept, the website design, and the copywriting.

Here is an example of an ebook I did the writing and design for in my brother's voice, as an example of how it can change to fit the person and brand.


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Future Potential Plans

Things we discussed that aren't part of this stage of the project. We can't wait to dive in to them, though!

  • Education and course development

  • Additional marketing strategy and support

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